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“Garden of Eden” Chapter Thirteen: “Young Man’s Heart”

At the end of the day, Garden of Eden is a novel about chance encounters and the new friends waiting to be made in groups you thought familiar. It’s about the excitement of being somewhere, being part of something.

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“Garden of Eden” Chapter Twelve: “In My Dream”

The experience of live music is dreamlike, intense and memorable. This is a chapter that tries to communicate that, while also offering a little calmer activity beforehand.

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“Garden of Eden” Chapter Eleven: “The Borderline”

The Grey Cliff chapters of Garden of Eden were where things kicked off in all directions, where I tried to capture the excitement of meeting people, of finding new things, of everything that could happen.

For the characters it isn’t necessarily a new experience, but I wanted it to feel like even so, there were surprises.

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“Garden of Eden” Chapter Nine: “Sky Coloured Days”

This is where Garden of Eden steps up a gear. I wanted this to be a story about people learning to do something with their lives, getting that buzz of energy and enthusiasm I feel when I commit myself to a project. Having something to work towards.

From this point on, the characters have something to aim for.

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