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Talking to the Almighty – Eureka Seven Episode 41


Episode 41 of Eureka Seven is the point where revelations about the true nature of Sakuya – the being at the Great Wall who the Gekkostate have been moving towards, and will fight to the end to protect, are laid out. Who she is – and why she is important – is told via a narrative that stands as a parallel to Renton and Eureka’s own story, turning the events of Eureka Seven‘s opening arc into a kind of replaying of an in-setting myth. Sakuya, being a Coralian much like Eureka, exists as a parallel Christlike figure (for as I have mentioned previously it is hard not consider the Corals’ ambassadors as children of the divine sent to observe – and even judge – the mortal world) but one who, as Norb suggests, failed to cross the Great Wall and could not complete whatever cycle needs completing.

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Newtypes as an Unaccountable Elite

One of the recurring themes across the Gundam franchise is that of the Newtype or its equivalent (sometimes under less subtle names like Co-ordinator or Innovator); a kind of superhuman who is inherently better suited to leadership and life in the future and must in time replace the fallible “ordinary” human. In its original form, the concept was that life in space allowed for mankind to evolve psychic ability – telekinesis and telepathy. All humans had the potential to achieve this by moving into space and effectively becoming more open-minded and crucially the Newtype was an agent of peace.

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Theory, Speculation and Plot Development; Episode 31 of Eureka Seven (A-Part)


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There is an ongoing tension by this point in Eureka Seven between the desire for normality – and the concessions that must be made to make this happen – and the repercussions of the traumas that the cast have encountered. Too much has changed for there to be any hope of the life that anyone initially wanted; Holland cannot have the life with Talho and Eureka he desired now Renton has entered the scene, Renton will not get his naïve dream of a fun life spent with sportsmen and rebels. How this has manifested is in an increased sense of responsibility, shown perhaps most clearly in Talho’s change of image. Her more modest outfit and short hair is a simple visual cue of “seriousness” – she is not the casual, figure that she was before but instead a mature adult.

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