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The Problems of Aldnoah Zero


Aldnoah Zero shows its inspirations from across a number of science-fiction animé, but perhaps most clearly Turn-A Gundam in its invading empire from space bringing advanced technology against a more primitive Earth. While Turn-A took this to an extreme, with technology more advanced than many of the pure science-fiction Gundam series set against early 20th century weapons, Aldnoah has a “standard” military sci-fi setting, with its own war robots and advanced versions of existing weapons, set against a high-powered invading force with more fantastical equipment. Having greater technological parity in this way puts the focus more easily on conflict from the start; although very quickly in Turn-A the Earthrace finding and learning to use advanced weapons becomes the defining plot point, it makes it very clear from the start that without this, the Earthrace cannot even destroy a single Moonrace machine.

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A Quick Look At Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episode 1

…it’s kind of hard to go in cold to a show that’s spin-off of a sequel of a sequel which is an AU spin-off of a spin-off [of an X-rated text adventure]- @jpmeyer, on Twitter

This may or may not become a full series blog in the vein of my Eureka Seven articles and before we begin, a few notes. Firstly, there is no way I am typing this series’ title out in full every time. It will be called MLATE or possibly just Total Eclipse. Secondly, I know nothing about the source material that it’s based on. This is entirely blind, judging the series as a series in its own right.

Note: following a point raised in the comments, I have edited this article to address a slight inaccuracy and clarify my meaning.

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