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Talking to the Almighty – Eureka Seven Episode 41


Episode 41 of Eureka Seven is the point where revelations about the true nature of Sakuya – the being at the Great Wall who the Gekkostate have been moving towards, and will fight to the end to protect, are laid out. Who she is – and why she is important – is told via a narrative that stands as a parallel to Renton and Eureka’s own story, turning the events of Eureka Seven‘s opening arc into a kind of replaying of an in-setting myth. Sakuya, being a Coralian much like Eureka, exists as a parallel Christlike figure (for as I have mentioned previously it is hard not consider the Corals’ ambassadors as children of the divine sent to observe – and even judge – the mortal world) but one who, as Norb suggests, failed to cross the Great Wall and could not complete whatever cycle needs completing.

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Friends and Outsiders – Family in Episode 5 of Rahxephon


The first half of episode 5 of Rahxephon was heavily focused on establishing Ayato’s position within TERRA – the outsider, saying the wrong thing to some people and ignored by most. It built on episode 4’s cryptic introductory scenes and made clear through implication and passing interactions not only what the other characters think of Ayato but how their own behaviours might be fronts for if not secrets but insecureties. The only characters who really emerge as sympathetic are the doctor and his sister Quan; both may have secrets but they act in a way which does not exclude or apparently set out to deceive Ayato.

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Sexuality and Standoffishness – Women in Episode 5 of Rahxephon


It is the still-anonymous doctor, Quan’s brother, who is the closest Ayato has to a friend at this point.

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Self-Confidence and Intimacy in Aria The Origination


In my previous article on the Aria franchise I talked about how it presented a subtly idyllic science-fiction world, one where the progress of technology and civilisation has created a return to a much more old-fashioned sense of community. The emphasis of the first series on Akari and her friends’ interactions with the locals around them, and the gradual expansion of the series’ scope from the very intimate (focusing purely on Akari’s response to a memory of meeting one tourist) to build a better picture of the setting as a whole, taught the viewer about the world they were witnessing; the drive of the series, its entire plot, was depicting a world that is lived in.

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“He’s Gone” – Hard Truths in Episode 24 of Eureka Seven

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The defining image of this episode, established right at the start, is Eureka trying to fill in for Renton; wearing the clothes he wore in the memorable episode where he underwent his initiation on the Gekko, doing the duties around the ship that he was forced to do. This seems to support the conversations back in episode 22 about how he was seen as a “useful” figure; that the crew are finding it inconvenient to have to cover his duties yet still not used to seeing someone else doing them once again firmly places the Gekko as a warship with a crew, not a community or family.

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