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“Until I Know There’s a Chance That You Care” – Ayato Kamina, a Stranger In Paradise


Take my hand,
I’m a stranger in Paradise
All lost in a wonderland
A stranger in paradise
If I stand starry eyed,
That’s a danger in Paradise
Mortals who stand beside
An angels like us

Tony Bennett – Stranger in Paradise

Episode 17 of Rahxephon is a fruitless, frustrating buildup to a moment of horrible catharsis divided into two parts that lay plain between them the mysteries of the series. These are mysteries that the viewer knows, or has worked out by inference, but which not all of the characters know to the same extent – and the ways in which they learn these things, in the worst ways at the worst times, set up a grim future for Ayato. The revelations in the episode are not really revelations to the viewer but instead to Ayato, and mark the point where he finally gets what he wants.

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What You Really Want – Dreams and the Subconscious in Rahxephon Episode 11


Episode 10 of Rahxephon focused on undermining its characters’ search for answers to their own questions, while informing the audience; each of the groups who moved around on the periphery of Kunugi’s personal life thought they knew the truth of his actions but were all subtly wrong. Not knowing the truth – or knowing only part of the truth – is central to the status quo on Nirai-Kanai (the “official” spelling of the island where TERRA is based’s name, according to the 2001 series companion Rahxephon Bible (Kadokawa)) and seeing the usually prophetic and uncannily knowledgeable Futagami himself undermined and proved wrong was a refreshing climax to his storyline so far. Indeed, that he can fail calls into question the apparent omniscience that has defined him so far.

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