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Talking to the Almighty – Eureka Seven Episode 41


Episode 41 of Eureka Seven is the point where revelations about the true nature of Sakuya – the being at the Great Wall who the Gekkostate have been moving towards, and will fight to the end to protect, are laid out. Who she is – and why she is important – is told via a narrative that stands as a parallel to Renton and Eureka’s own story, turning the events of Eureka Seven‘s opening arc into a kind of replaying of an in-setting myth. Sakuya, being a Coralian much like Eureka, exists as a parallel Christlike figure (for as I have mentioned previously it is hard not consider the Corals’ ambassadors as children of the divine sent to observe – and even judge – the mortal world) but one who, as Norb suggests, failed to cross the Great Wall and could not complete whatever cycle needs completing.

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Communication Breakdown – Eureka Seven Episode 19

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The plot arc following the first major confrontation in Eureka Seven can broadly be seen as focusing on a breakdown of communication and an inability to be understood between Renton, Eureka and Holland. With the crew of the Gekko trapped, and Renton falling in with an ultimately greedy and deluded old man who ends up exploiting him to try and steal the Nirvash, tensions are running high.

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