Tabletop Game Rules: “Don’t Be Defeated By a Friend”

It has been some time since I last attempted to design a tabletop game, but I have recently been working on a ruleset.

The intent is to create a game in the mould of Osprey’s light and thematic miniatures skirmish games such as Black Ops, Rogue Stars and Frostgrave, except with a fantastical theme not currently widely served by other products.

Don’t Be Defeated By a Friend is intended to emulate the aesthetics and fights of Japanese console RPGs and young-adult action anime. Its inspirations are chiefly the Persona and Trails video games, and series such as Busou Renkin, Full Metal Alchemist and so on, although there are aspects of Final Fantasy present as well.

Mechanically the system draws on Frostgrave, Black Ops, Mordheim, A Fistful of Kung Fu, The Walking Dead: All Out War and Infinity to varying degrees.

Currently the ruleset is at beta version 0.4; all of the basic rules for unit creation, combat, movement and magic have been written as well as initial skill and equipment tables. Limited solitaire playtesting has taken place to determine what seem to be initial appropriate values for points costs, baseline statistics etcetera.

Missing are campaign rules, character advancement, advanced and magical equipment tables and rules for adult characters. Development of these, I feel, should not take place until the core mechanics are in a more advanced state.

I am putting a playtest version of the current ruleset up on this blog for people to read and hopefully playtest. While I have, in the past, started and abandoned many projects this one I feel is more complete and playable even in its current unfinished state.

Change Log

v0.4 -> v0.4a

p4 – Regaining balance as part of a Push Back move rules, first sentence now reads “If this would take the defender over a precipice or drop, they must roll 1d12 and exceed the total distance they were pushed back to regain their balance…”

p6, “Base Statistics” – re-ordered statistics in body text in line with examples

Game Rules (Updated 31/01/17 @ 22:31 to version 0.4a):


Blank Stat Sheet:


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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