Heavy Gear Blitz Battle Report (150TV, CEF Line vs South)

This was the first time my CEF army had been used, and only the second my Southern forces had seen the battlefield. Now better-equipped with the rules, battle was joined between the ill-fated Southern forces and the untested CEF:

Game Details

Deployment: Wide

TV: 150

Battlefield Conditions: Clear


South: Assassinate (CF6-16, Alvis Dietz), Hold, Wipe Out (FS Unit)

CEF: Break Line, Recon, Hold

Army Lists

CEF “Red Sands Western Garrison”

FS Unit “The Black Knights” (84)


CF6-16 Frame [AT Pack, Mobility Pack] [SCO] (Alvis Dietz) (15)

F6-16 Frame [AT Pack, Mobility Pack] (Viletta Deslok) (11)

BF2-19 Frame [Support Pack, Mobility Pack] (Pilot 34) (16)

BF2-19 Frame [Support Pack, Mobility Pack] (Pilot 76) (16)

– Support: BF2-21 Frame [Recon Pack, Mobility Pack] (Scout 11) (13)

– Support: BF2-21 Frame [Recon Pack, Mobility Pack] (Scout 23) (13)

MT Unit “The Cold Steel Lancers” (66)


MHT-95 [GREL Crew] [CGL] (Soldier 91) (26)

MHT-95 [GREL Crew] (Soldier 84) (26)

– Support: BF2-25 Frame [Assault Pack, Rotary Laser] (Pilot 107) (14)


General Purpose Unit “Luchs” (30)


[CGL] Jager Gunner Commander, LPZ (9) – Hime Quo Elfino

Striking Jager (7) – Cosmo Murassa

Brawler Jager (7) – Haruru Houjou

Brawler Jager (7) – Gaw Ha Garun

Skirmish Unit “Loewe” (60)


[CGL] Razorfang Blazing Black Mamba (13) – Duker Gauli

Blazing Black Mamba (12) – Shakti Mariela

Longfang Black Mamba (12) – Tomache Cineau

Longfang Black Mamba (12) – Gin Medaiyu

– Support: Striking Iguana (11) – Daba Zabiarov

Fire Support Unit “Eisenritter” (60)


[SCO] Hooded King Cobra (21) – Shou Kyao

Junglemower Support Cobra (14) – Amu Kistler

Junglemower Support Cobra (14) – Fuala Fannelia

– Support: Striking Iguana (11) – Quattro Londe

Turn 1

The lighter CEF Frames advanced while the larger support models hung back by a blasted tree, with one of the BF2-19s chancing a shot at the approaching Southern Black Mambas. A solid hit dealt the Gear three damage, crippling it! The second 2-19 saw it had a good line on an overconfident Iguana and blew the light recon unit apart before it could get the protection of ECM. As the pair of 6-16s glided forward, Alvis Dietz followed the example of the larger Frame and put two hits on a second Black Mamba, his Particle Accelerator scrambling the Gear’s systems. Finally, Viletta Deslok in the second 6-16 finished off one of the damaged Mambas.

Fearing the MHT-95s would tear them apart, the Cobra unit rushed forwards and fired their Field Guns, but only managed a glancing hit for two damage on one of them. The Hooded Cobra missed completely, its Laser Rifle completely ineffective…


In return, railgun and Laser Rifle fire from the MHTs killed both a Junglemower Support Cobra and the King Cobra, and left the only surviving fire-support Gear crippled! Indirect fire from a unit of Jagers with grenade launchers and rocket pods delivered some revenge – two damage on each CF6-16, with the Mambas following up with a further two damage on Deslok’s Frame.


At the end of the turn, the CEF’s aerial deployment units entered the fight, arriving with no incident ready to call down guided missile fire and assassinate unsuspecting backline Gears.

Turn 2


The CEF won initiative again, and the BF2-25 opened fire on the rearmost Jagers, splitting fire from its Rotary Laser to deal five damage to one Gear and four to another. Meanwhile, the MHT-95s combined fire to finish off the last Cobra. In return, the Jagers rushed forward – a hail of autocannon and grenade launcher fire destroyed one of the BF2-21s and Deslok’s F6-16, while a bazooka shot from the crippled Jager still managed to put five damage back on the BF2-25.


Things went from bad to worse for the CEF as the 2-19s failed to hit anything and Dietz was unable to quite finish off the Jager he was targeting. The surviving 2-21 set to work on scanning wrecks for the Recon objective, but then a real turnabout happened – a Blazing Black Mamba rushed ahead, opened fire with its Rotary Laser and with spectacular shooting killed both BF2-19s in a single burst!

Turn 3


The South pressed their advantage, winning initiative. One of the Black Mambas continued to chip away at Dietz’ CF6-16, while an Iguana put a damage on an MHT-95 with its bazooka. In return, the BF2-25 and the MHTs encircled and annihilated the few surviving Jagers, leaving little on the objective. Both generals realised they had got too focused on killing and needed to finish their objectives – currently a BF2-21 held the CEF’s objective and the damaged Mambas contested the Southern one against Dietz’ CF6-16. There was little other effective fire for the remainder of the turn, Dietz failing to harm his melee opponent and the 2-21 missing with its own weapons.

Turn 4

20161129_192641.jpgThe generals declared this the final, decisive turn – if the surviving Southern Gears could kill the CF6-16 and BF2-21 they would win, while if the CEF’s FS unit survived it would be their victory. The CEF won initiative, the MHTs killed one Black Mamba – and although Dietz was shot down his spotter, hidden away on an objective, was enough to tip it in the CEF’s favour!


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