Heavy Gear Blitz Battle Report (150TV, North vs South)

After playing a couple of demonstration games of the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz, and having painted two full 150-point armies, I had a go at playing a full-sized game – a rematch between my North (played this time by my friend Phillip Preece) and my South army (played this time by me). In a previous solitaire game to learn the rules, the South heavy units had dealt horrible damage to a Northern patrol – in this larger game, the tables would be turned!

Game Details

Deployment: Corners

TV: 150

Objectives: North: Assassinate (Shou Kyao, Hooded King Cobra), South: Wipe Out (Fire Support Unit, Quincy Piloledge et al)

Army Lists

150TV North


Skirmish Unit “Titans Test Team” (48)


– [CGL] XMG Hunter Gunner Melee (12) – Gym Zaral

– XMG Hunter Gunner Melee (12) – Karala Formosa

– XMG Hunter Grenadier Melee (12) – Lin Quo Ajiba

– XMG Hunter Grenadier Melee (12) – Marbet Henrik

Skirmish Unit “Shrike Team” (45)


– [CGL] Thunder Flash Jaguar (12) – Asuham Asher

– Flash Jaguar (11) – Gain Gablae

– Sniper Jaguar (11) – Sheryl Imhof

– Sniper Jaguar (11) – Kean Zama

Fire Support Unit “Lionheart Team” (57)


– [SCO] Chaingun Kodiak (22) – Quincy Piloledge

– Grizzly (14) – Jonathan Ewin

– Grizzly (14) – Yuu Sakomizu

– Support: Wild Ferret (7) – Connie Sanga

150TV South


General Purpose Unit “Luchs” (30)


– [CGL] Jager Gunner Commander, LPZ (9) – Hime Quo Elfino

– Striking Jager (7) – Cosmo Murassa

– Brawler Jager (7) – Haruru Houjou

– Brawler Jager (7) – Gaw Ha Garun

Skirmish Unit “Loewe” (60)


– [CGL] Razorfang Blazing Black Mamba (13) – Duker Gauli

– Blazing Black Mamba (12) – Shakti Mariela

– Longfang Black Mamba (12) – Tomache Cineau

– Longfang Black Mamba (12) – Gin Medaiyu

– Support: Striking Iguana (11) – Daba Zabiarov

Fire Support Unit “Eisenritter” (60)


– [SCO] Hooded King Cobra (21) – Shou Kyao

– Junglemower Support Cobra (14) – Amu Kistler

– Junglemower Support Cobra (14) – Fuala Fannelia

– Support: Striking Iguana (11) – Quattro Londe

Turn 1

The Southern forces came under heavy sniper fire from the Jaguar team, but some excellent dodging from Lieutenant Kyao saw him evade every shot. In return, a salvo of Artillery Rockets crippled Ranger Asher’s Flash Jaguar – although the follow-up beam rifle shot was well off-target. Kyao’s comrades set up a strong firing-position on Standby orders, supported by ECM Defence from Soldat Londe in his Iguana. The remainder of the turn saw the North advance – the Titans Team in their flashy blue-and-gold XMG Hunters advanced under ECM support from Connie Sanga’s Ferret, while the lumbering fire support Gears of Sergeant Quincy Piloledge’s unit climbed one of the many burned-out buildings to take the firing-position they would stick to for the rest of the battle.

Turn 2

The South lost initiative again and once again the snipers of Asher’s unit opened fire on Kyao’s Hooded Cobra – this time, a pair of marginal hits were scored by Sheryl Imhof (finally out of the hospital following her previous catastrophically unsuccessful attempt to take on Kyao’s squadron) and Kean Zama. Field Gun and Artillery Rocket fire from Kyao’s team crippled the remaining Jaguars, but could not put enough damage out to kill any Gears. And, in the process, they had left themselves open; although Sanga was too far out to provide Forward Observation, a series of mortar shots exploded around Kyao followed by an incredibly accurate Anti-Tank Missile which scored a spectacular hit, doing just enough damage to destroy the damaged Hooded King Cobra despite its hefty armour and fast movement. With their commander dead, the South could only play for a draw…

Duker Gauli’s Black Mambas rushed forward to try and take out the Northern fire support Gears, on the way unleashing a hail of indirect-fired rockets over a nearby building to put minor damage on the XMG Hunters. This proved to be a fatal miscalculation for the South – Ranger Zaral led his elite melee squad around the corner and tore Gauli and his wingman Shakti Mariela apart in a vicious close combat. However, they were now left open – the Southern Jager unit, previously thought no threat, fired grenade launchers and rocket packs indirectly and killed two of their number – Karala and Marbet.

Turn 3

The North won initiative for a third consecutive turn, the South’s loss of its SCO early on a major blow. The XMG Hunters continued their melee rampage, with Tomache Cineau and their attached Iguana pilot, Daba Zabiarov, falling beneath their vibro-blades. Gauli, leading courageously from the back, found himself without any allies and opened fire with his auto-cannon to no effect. Piloledge’s artillery line opened up in turn, putting significant damage on one of the Junglemower Support Cobras and killing another – the massive blasts from the guided mortars also taking out one of the Jagers and crippling another. The remainder of the turn was the shattered remains of the units on both sides firing as best they could – the snipers put another damage on the Cobra, crippling it, and the Jagers killed another XMG Hunter with indirect fire from their grenades.

Turn 4

With the initiative still in Northern hands and an early game end called, little remained on the Southern side; the surviving Cobra, despite its heavy damage, destroyed two of the snipers, and Gauli survived his brush with the last XMG Hunter – but then another hail of mortar and missile fire from the fire-support Gears wiped every Southern Gear from the map save one crippled Iguana… Victory went, plainly, to the North.



    • r042

      It’s a hell of a lot quicker and easier, they have pretty much halved the amount of rules to remember. Almost all the bookkeeping is gone, and army building makes sense now.

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