A Little More About Me As The Blog Goes on Holiday

There won’t be any updates for the next two weeks because I’m going on holiday and plan to spend the time doing things like relaxing with a stack of books, eating large meals and visiting the sights of Europe instead of writing about obscure animated series, game theory and the like. It will be a little like the Grand Tour only less so.

So don’t be concerned if everything goes silent; the blog isn’t closed.

When I get back I’ll be beginning the what I expect to be lengthy process of finding a publisher for my novel, Absolute Liberation; I’ve been working on it now for what feels like a very long time, and it’s just finished a second round of proof-reading and is entering a second round of editing. Once that’s done off to the publishers it goes! It’s an attempt to write military sci-fi that takes a more practical look at the effects of future technology and questions of nationality in an empire spanning planets – going a little beyond the spectacle and wow-factor that I feel sometimes defines the genre.

Since finishing it, I haven’t been idle; I’ve written Five Hearts… as posted here and begun posting weekly flash fiction pieces, but my main project has ended up once again being long-form writing. It’s a project currently called Garden of Eden, which is looking like it will end up as a teen novel about growing up independently, learning to be a good parent and dealing with grief, all set in an science fiction utopia.


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