Flash Fiction: Friday Fictioneers Submission for 11/05/12

This is my submission for @Madison_Woods’ Friday Fictioneers challenge at madisonwoods.wordpress.com.

Again, 100 words, inspired by a photograph. This week’s is The Tragedie of Euphemia and Philomel, a Gothic romance.

Be waiting ‘neath Mithras’ Oak when the moon is high o’er the coast road, and together we’ll away to the far Indies. Your Philomel.

O, longed-for freedom! Dreamed-of liberty! In those short sentences was promised freedom from a life ensnared in matrimony to that brute beast, the Bluebeard to whom she was pledged! That night, under Dian‘s watchful eye, she would be spirited from slavery certain to freedom ‘cross the main!

“Oh Philomel, my Romeo, my constant Troilus, fret not! Soon I, your Euphemia, who waits with anguished heart for your embrace, will come to you!” In a frenzy of passion she leapt to her window, willing Helios‘ chariot make its diurnal compass more swiftly.



  1. elmowrites

    Fascinating and completely different from everything else I’ve read this week. I love how you maintain the language and the hope in these lovers. Although “Romeo” makes me fear a little for their future…

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