Sea of Stars – A New, Independently-Designed Miniatures Game

Over the last week or so I’ve been working almost continually on a set of game rules I drafted out about a year ago, taking ideas that were vaguely workable but unpolished and ambiguously written and making something useful of them. The end result is Sea of Stars, a miniatures-based wargame based on pulp science fiction – Dan Dare and Flash Gordon style rocket ships fighting it out in space with cosmic rays and so on.

The intent was to combine elements of board games I enjoy – deck management, managed risk and understanding of a board situation – with the elements of wargames I like – alternate piece movement, minimal down-time between actions and the importance of positioning. At all times I wanted to create a set of rules that were accessible to players unfamiliar with miniatures gaming but also containing enough depth and potential for strategy to appeal to more passionate gamers.

The rules, as they stand at the moment, are available to download here: Sea of Stars Playtest Rules 1.0

In this file are the full game rules for Sea of Stars in its current incarnation, and two playable factions, provisionally called the JSSDF and Roskosmos. At the moment, non-crucial aspects like detailed background information, flavour text and artwork have been left out in order to focus entirely on the rules.

What I’d like is for people interested in wargames to download these rules, take them to gaming clubs and test them;  get people trying this out, find out if it works, or if there are inconsistencies or discrepancies in the rules.

Players will need to produce or provide certain cards and tokens, detailed in the rules – at this stage I have not drawn up any designs for these.

If you try this game out, and have any comments, suggestions or other feedback, post here – as sole developer of Sea of Stars I am looking out for any ways in which this project can be improved!



  1. James Larner

    Hey dude it’s James L from the games club – just read through the rules and it looks really fun, good job! There’s one thing missing though that could stop people playtesting, and that’s the rules for assembling a fleet to take into battle – e.g. what are the costs for each ship type when you’re deciding on your fleet. What was your Twitter name again also?

    • r042

      At the moment I haven’t actually finalised the points costs (or indeed really finalised ship stats). Really I think it would be better to test a few things using ships of the same “size” as each other, or smaller mixed fleets – as an interim I’d go with:

      – Any number of Light ships
      – May not have more than 1 Heavy ship for every 2 Medium
      – Must have at least 1 Medium
      – No more than half your ships may have Signature Weapons

      Try that and see how it goes. On Twitter my username is the same as on here.

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