Hello and Welcome

This is Ideas Without End, a blog where I will be posting things falling somewhere between rants and actual essays about things I think are interesting enough to tell other people about.

I’ll be talking mostly about popular culture; films, computer games, animation and books. It’s not going to be all serious weighty stuff, but at the same time I do want this to be at least slightly informative.

So, who am I? I suppose that’s a fair question. I’m someone who lives to read, writes when able, and tries to try as many things as possible; I’m not the sort of person who often writes something off completely untested and I tend to live by the idea that there’s something to be found in everything; it’s what you personally get from it that counts.

That’s the philosophical side of it, for what it’s worth. It’s probably more fair to say I’m just another person who’s read a few books, got some pieces of paper to show it and thinks this means people will be interested in his opinions. I’m in the process of writing a novel, which I’ll be mentioning again in the future, but generally I’m more likely to just have a list of ideas as long as my arm and be paralysed with indecision about which one to pursue.

So if you’re willing to give me a bit of your time then read on.

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